Neurometabolic Disorders

At Pinehurst Alternative Medicine of Pinehurst, NC, we can treat neurometabolic disorders. These complex sounding disorders are a result of the way the brain and DNA relay information to the metabolic system. Dr. Gerard Graves has over forty years of experience in his field. He's an expert at treating neurometabolic disorders, as well as many other health issues, using cutting edge, alternative approaches to medicine.

What are neurometabolic disorders?

Neurometabolic disorders are conditions in which the energy from food is processed improperly. This creates imbalances in the chemicals the body needs in order to function. These are most often the result of genetic defects that render the body unable to function at its natural best. Other neurometabolic disorders can develop later in life. These are the results of a disruption in communication between the gut and brain. This can be caused by mental health issues or a traumatic brain injury that lead the mind to send the wrong signals to the gut.

Common Symptoms of Neurometabolic Disorders

There are a variety of neurometabolic disorders, but most share some common symptoms. They are usually identifiable early in life and relate to improper development. Other symptoms include hearing and vision impairments, muscular weakness, and epilepsy. Adult neurometabolic disorders are characterized by stomach pain and constipation, signs of poor gut function.

Treatment Approaches for Neurometabolic Disorders

Not all neurometabolic disorders are treatable, but the most important step is diagnosis. These conditions make up a fairly new field of study, so treatments are still being developed. Identifying and treating the underlying cause of the disorder is key to a proper recovery. Overall, a healthy balance in the mind and body is key to a happy and fulfilled life. At Pinehurst Alternative Medicine of Pinehurst, NC, Dr. Graves makes it a top priority to identify the underlying cause of his patients' discomfort and guide them down the path back to optimal health.

Those with any of the aforementioned symptoms or conditions in the Pinehurst, NC, area should come in for a consultation today. At Pinehurst Alternative Medicine, we have a long track record of helping patients achieve stellar results. Dr. Graves would be happy to meet with you to discuss how our practice can help you improve your health. Simply call our office during business hours at (910) 420-1279 or book an appointment online here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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